Born on
July 1, 1989 in Taragunia village of Kushtia, Arif Ahmed spent his childhood and boyhood days in his village home. The river Hishna cradling Arif’s village like a mother also helped build his psyche.

Since childhood, rudimentary awareness of nature’s aesthetic facets roused Arif Ahmed’s attention and curiosity. His eyes were also gradually trained to discover the special and generally missed out details of objects—both living and otherwise.

After taking his first formal lessons in photography at Famous Photographer Chanchal Mahmood, Arif Ahmed seriously took up photography as a profession in full swing in 2009. He then studied at CMP(Chanchal Mahmood Photography School) and earned his Diploma in Photography.

CMP afforded Arif Ahmed opportunities to learn the nitty-gritty of photography while interacting with famous photographers from home and abroad.

Then he joined in the West Bengal Creative Photojournalism Forum in India (WBCF) and completed his graduation on the Photography and creative image that contributed a significant role in becoming as a international Photographer and celebrity as well.

Arif Ahmed is currently a Senior Staff Photojournalist at the Daily Janakantha news Paper. And he also has won a Photography Award Warm Valley Best Photographer 2011.

Arif Ahmed’s photographic heartland lies in documentaries—all kinds. He is now engaged in making documentaries based on photographs taken on five Bangladeshi themes—Nature, the mystique of humanity, Birds, Butterflies & Wild Flowers. People & nature are the leitmotifs of Arif’s works.


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